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Face Brush

Gorgeous cosmetics start with great makeup, but as you know, simply having an organizer or drawer full of foundation and other cosmetics isn't enough to help you disguise flaws and enhance the beauty of your skin. For that, you need a great application technique to go with your great selection of makeup. The way you apply your makeup matters and while some of your technique depends upon practice and the knowledge gained from experimenting, the quality of the brushes you use to put on your makeup has a big impact on how your cosmetics look when you're finished applying them. Having the right face brushes in your collection can make a big impact on how your foundation, blush, bronzer, illuminator and powder look on your skin. If you want a great look with perfectly blended cosmetics that accentuate your natural beauty, you need top quality face brushes at the ready for your makeup application routine, and Walgreens has a wide selection of brushes from the best brands to help you stock up on the applicators that you require.

Face Brush Options for Beautiful Makeup

There are many different types of face brushes, making it important that you know what type you are looking for as you shop the cosmetics collection at Walgreens. If you need a brush for applying any type of liquid or cream cosmetics, be sure to pick a model that has synthetic or artificial bristles instead of bristles made from natural fibers, which are better for powdered makeup. Face brushes for foundation typically have long handles and heads that are slightly rounded but not very full and bushy. Brushes for powder and bronzer usually have fatter, fluffier heads. There are also face brushes that are hybrids of powder and foundation brushes and have slightly fuller heads. Kabuki brushes are a special type of face brush, used for applying mineral makeup foundation as well as for setting powders and mineral veils. You can also use a kabuki to blend your cosmetics. Be sure to read the product descriptions of the face brushes at Walgreens to ensure the applicator that you select will work well for your intended task.