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Face Makeup at Walgreens

Before you add color to your eyes, lips and cheeks, beauty experts recommend taking time to create a smooth, flawless canvas using concealer and foundation. Walgreens Face Makeup Products help to get your look started with options from brands you know and trust. When you get this first step right, your makeup will look even and natural because it will blend perfectly with your skin tone. Once your foundation or concealer has been applied, add the finishing touch with items like translucent powder, blush, bronzer or illuminators.


Walgreens Face Makeup Products offer a wide range of options that can help to address many cosmetic concerns. If you have dark circles under your eyes or blemishes that you would prefer to hide, apply concealer to the affected areas. Beauty experts recommend using a facial concealer that matches your natural skin tone. Your options in face makeup cover a wide spectrum of skin tones. Concealers are produced in a range of skin tones and formats, including liquids, sticks, and pencils. These options in products enable you to choose the method of concealer application that suits your preferences, skin color, and skin type.

Base Color

There are many ways to achieve a smooth base color, including liquid foundations, foundation sticks and tinted moisturizers. The type of foundation you choose will depend on your skin type and the effect you wish to achieve. Among the many options in Face Makeup are tinted moisturizers, which can be ideal for women who are short on time, as they hydrate the skin while adding color. Using a tinted moisturizer will give you a light layer of natural color.

Foundation sticks allow you to apply color to key areas of the face, such as the cheekbones, sides of the nose and forehead. The color is then blended in to achieve even coverage. A liquid foundation can give you sheer coverage across the face. No matter which format you use, make sure to blend it well at your jaw-line to avoid contrast between your base color and your natural skin tone.

Set Your Makeup

As a final step, once you have applied base and color, sweep translucent powder lightly across your face to set your cosmetics. Powder helps to soak up any excess oil and ensures that your look will last.

How your Skin Type Influences your Choice of Base Color

If your skin is oily, skin care experts recommend that you use concealers and foundations that are oil-free or mattifying. This will help reduce the shine that can occur when excess sebum is produced. For dry skin, hydrating or moisturizing formulations can work best. They provide vital moisture that prevents skin from becoming flaky and uneven. If your skin is sensitive or reactive, it can be advantageous to use products that have been specially formulated for sensitive skin. Mineral makeup, which delivers vitamins and minerals while providing color, can be beneficial for sensitive skin. Mature skin will benefit from rejuvenating formulations that are packed with additional nutrients and active ingredients that combat the outward signs of aging.

Choosing the Right Shade for your Face

If you choose the best products for your skin tone and type, it can look as if you are not wearing makeup at all. You will find a wide variety of shades to choose from in Walgreens Face Makeup Products, enabling you to select the one that most closely matches your natural skin tone.