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Makeup Products for Cheeks at Walgreens

Healthy skin has its own radiant glow that enhances the beauty of your entire face. With the right cosmetics, you can make that flush of rosy color more apparent while calling attention to your cheekbones and the unique contours of your complexion. Walgreens can help you find the perfect makeup to achieve these effects with a wide selection of blush, bronzers and highlighters. We have cheek cosmetics available to match every skin tone and to meet the needs of every skin type. Explore the assortment of makeup for the cheeks now to see what's available for purchase online and at your nearest Walgreens location.

Adding Color with Blush

Blush is used to give the cheeks rosy color. Typically, blush is applied directly to the cheekbone area. To ensure that blush goes on in the appropriate spot, you can suck in your cheeks and tighten your lips as if you were impersonating a fish. This will make your cheekbones more pronounced, so you can easily sweep on your blush.

Contouring with Bronzer and Highlighter

Contouring is the term for using cosmetics to enhance the shape of your face and call attention to your facial features. Typically, bronzer and highlighter cheek cosmetics are used together for contouring. Bronzer should typically be one or two shades lighter than whatever blush you are wearing. The makeup is applied to areas where shadows normally fall like the areas under your cheekbones and along the sides of your nose, jaw and hairline. Highlighter is usually lighter than blush and is applied to places where light reflects, such as the areas above your cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose and at the center of your forehead.

Comparing Forms

Blush, bronzer and highlighter are available in a number of forms. Powdered products are the most common and provide the benefits of easy blending. You can find both loose and pressed powder options, both of which are typically applied with a brush. Cream cheek cosmetics provide more vibrant, longer-lasting color but can be a little more difficult to blend. These products may be brushed on or applied with your fingertips.

Choosing the Right Colors

Generally, cheek cosmetics in lighter colors are best for daytime, and darker colors are usually preferred for evenings and special occasions. When you are choosing blush, bronzer and highlighter, look for products that are the same color temperature as your skin tone. If you notice golden, orange or peach undertones in your skin, choose warm blush colors like corals, peaches and taupe. To complement pink, purple or blue undertones, you can select cooler pink and purple hues.

Exploring Natural and Organic Options

Natural and organic cheek cosmetics are available for people who are sensitive to chemicals or who are striving to lead greener lives. Compared to conventional products, natural cheek makeup contains fewer synthetics and more ingredients derived from natural sources like minerals and plants. Organic cosmetics carry certification from a third-party organization or agency like the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), attesting to the fact that they are produced primary out of natural ingredients grown and processed using environmentally friendly methods.