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Makeup for Cheeks at Walgreens

Healthy skin can have a natural rosy glow that greatly enhances a woman's beauty. If you would like to cover up your natural undertones with foundation to improve the overall tone of your skin, cheek cosmetics like bronzer and blush can help you mimic a sun-kissed glow for gorgeous results. Walgreens Cheek Makeup Products offer many different cosmetic options to help you achieve your desired look.

Blush for Color

Blush is the most commonly used style of cheek color and is the product specifically designed to add a touch of healthy color to the face. For best results, blush should be applied to your cheekbones. To easily see the proper area for application, suck in your cheeks as if you were making a fish face. This will make your cheekbones very prominent for easy application of blush. Most blush products are powder-based and are applied with a brush. When using a powdered blush, sweep the formula up along the cheekbones with big, gentle motions. If you prefer, choose from Walgreens selection of cream based or liquid blush and make small dots of color on your cheeks with your fingertips and then blend with a brush, a sponge or your fingers. Make circular motions while traveling outward along the cheekbones towards your ears to enhance the natural structure of your face.

Bronzer for Contouring

Bronzer is a cheek makeup product that is designed to enhance the natural shadows that form on the face. On the cheeks, bronzer is applied directly under blush. When you make a fish face with your mouth, the area that slopes just beneath the cheekbones is the proper application spot for bronzer. You can also use bronzer along your jaw line, on the sides of your nose and all along your hairline and the sides of your face to enhance the natural contours of your complexion. Bronzer is typically powder-based and can be applied by one of the many Walgreens Makeup Tools such as blending, stippling, and contouring brushes.

Illuminator for Brightening

Along with bronzer, you can also browse Walgreens Cheek Makeup Products online for a cheek illuminator. Illuminator is the opposite of bronzer and is used to accentuate the areas where light strikes the skin and creates bright spots. On the cheeks, illuminator is applied directly above blush in the spot between the cheekbones and the under eyes. You can also place illuminator just above your eyebrows, on the center of the bridge of your nose and on the point of your chin to brighten your complexion. Illuminator is often powder based and can be applied with a highlighting brush or a thin contouring brush.

Choosing the Right Color

If you want beautiful results from your cheek color, you should select the ideal shade. To do so, examine the natural color of your skin when you're not wearing makeup. For cheeks that appear to have gold, peach, tawny or beige undertones, choose from Walgreens wide assortment of warm blushes in a colors like coral, taupe or peach. Cheeks that have pink, blue or violet undertones will look best in cooler shades like pinks and mauves. You can achieve the look of a natural cheek color by matching the darkness of your skin to the hue of the blush. Lighter colors will complement paler complexions while darker, bolder hues are ideal for dark skin. Your bronzer should be no more than two shades darker than your blush and not more than one shade darker than your skin tone. Use the left navigation panel to browse more Cheek Makeup Products from trusted brands like Maybelline, Rimmel, and CoverGirl.