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Natural Makeup at Walgreens

Discover the newest trend in cosmetics by exploring our vast assortment of Natural Makeup. These products are specially fomrulated to help prevent clogged pores which can eventually lead to blemishes. Walgreens Natural Makeup Products can help you discover the world of natural makeup with a wide selection of naturally-based formulas.

What is Natural Makeup?

The term "natural" can mean different things when it comes to makeup. Some natural cosmetics are made only from ingredients found in nature. These products are 100 percent natural and do not contain chemicals of any kind. Other natural makeup products get the majority of their ingredients from natural sources but may contain a small number of synthetic ingredients. In these types of products, the synthetics used are typically gentle to the skin and friendly to the planet. Many manufacturers of natural makeup products disclose how much of their formulas are natural in their product descriptions. This way you know exactly what you're purchasing.

Why Choose Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup can be used by anyone. Today's formulas can rival the effectiveness of traditional makeup. Formulas that are free of synthetics are ideally suited to meet the needs of certain women. Ladies who have sensitive skin prone to irritation may be able to wear natural cosmetics more comfortably. This is because it is often the synthetic materials that cause reactions. Some women are part of the green movement. This is a lifestyle option that focuses on choosing natural products for the good of the planet and to lead a simpler life. For these ladies, natural cosmetics are a better fit for their lifestyle philosophies than traditional makeup.

Mineral Makeup for Natural Beauty

Made from ground minerals like mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, mineral makeup is one of the most commonly used types of natural makeup. Mineral-based formulas come in two forms. Powdered products come in pots or jars and are applied with brushes. Liquid and cream forms can be applied with a brush or the fingers. Both varieties of mineral makeup can produce very natural looking results. You'll find face, eye and even lip color options in mineral makeup collections.

Synthetic-Free Makeup Products

In addition to mineral makeup, you'll find a number of other natural cosmetics options to complete your makeup collection. These products are typically made from essential oils, waxes and butters from plants and contain natural preservatives and pigments. Options include mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and many other types of makeup.

Eco-Friendly Tools and Applicators

Women who are striving to live more eco-friendly lives often wish to use applicators and makeup tools that are made from sustainable materials instead of wood and plastic. If you're among them, you'll find several options to meet your needs in today's natural makeup collections. Makeup brushes can be made from recycled materials or from bamboo, which has the feel of wood but grows much more quickly than trees. You can also purchase applicators made of organic cotton and other natural plant fibers.