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Fairy Costumes For Adults

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Fairy Costumes For Adults

Children aren't the only ones who are intrigued and delighted by fairies. Grown-ups can love fairies from films, books and bedtime stories just as much as little ones, and adults can even transform themselves into fairies with the right ensembles. At Walgreens, we have an assortment of fairy costumes made especially for adults to help you get in on the magical fun.

Truly Magical Fairy Costumes

Fairy costumes are popular choices of costume for adults, particularly for women. Adult fairy costumes tend to be very feminine, beautiful designs that include a dress, accessories and, of course, fairy wings. These costumes can make stunning choices for Halloween parties, masquerades and costume balls. In addition, they can be used for theatrical performances, dressing up for children's parties and even participating in dress-up play with kids at home.

Perfect Finishing Touches for Your Costume

Adult fairy costumes can include just one or two pieces or numerous pieces, depending on the design. To find out what comes with a particular fairy costume, you can click on the product and read its description. Once you have determined which costume is right for you, you may want to purchase additional pieces to complete your ensemble. Walgreens has costume accessories and jewelry that can put beautiful finishing touches on fairy costumes for adults. You may also want to purchase makeup like glitter eye shadow or lip gloss to add to your look or a wig to change the appearance of your tresses for the party or special event. In addition, your costume may require hosiery like tights or pantyhose to ensure your comfort and keep you warm while you're dressed up in your fairy attire.

Comparing Size Options

Most fairy costumes are designed to fit the body like a formal dress, and for the designs to look best, they must be the right size. The manufacturers of fairy costumes for adults typically offer costumes in category sizes like Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. You can find out more about the sizing for a certain costume by reading its product description. To ensure that you get the right size, take your clothing size and body shape into consideration.

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