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Fertility Tests

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Fertility tests

Start your family planning by taking a fertility test. Fertility prediction tests can help you test your hormone levels to determine your pregnancy potential. Most fertility tests are simple stick tests that are easy to use and read. There are also male fertility tests that measure sperm count levels. Choose a ovulation test from First Response and Clearblue Easy here at

Fertility and ovulation monitoring

In addition to fertility tests, ovulation tests can be used for family planning. Much like tests for fertility, an ovulation test measures your hormone levels so you know when your most fertile days are any given month. Most ovulation stick tests are also easy to administer and interpret results.

Adding to the family

In addition to testing for fertility, there are supplements that may help. Fertility supplements come in men's and women's varieties and are formulated to improve fertility. After testing for fertility or ovulation, the next step is getting a pregnancy test. You can shop for prenatal vitamins and other maternity products, as well as baby gear and supplies just for mom.

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