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Firm Gel

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Firm gel

Help make sure your style stays in place throughout the day by using a firm gel. These hair gels offer a secure hold as well as other hair care benefits. Some firm gels can help moisturize your hair and others protect it from heat styling damage. Look for firm hair gels from brands such as American Crew, and Joico that can help you create and maintain your ideal style.

Reliable hold

While firm gels offer long-lasting hold, they can also be flexible enough that they look natural. If you have dry hair, choose a hair gel that adds a little extra shine and moisture. Some firm hold hair gels resist flaking as well as add volume to help your hair look thicker. They can even contain ingredients to help prevent over-drying of your hair and scalp.

Creating your styles

To customize your different looks, try other types of firm hold styling products. Many types of gels and glazes are available in firm hold formulas. Use an easy-to-apply hair spray to help hold your style all day or evening. There are also options specifically for certain hair types, including smoothing and anti-frizz products, mousse and volumizers and hair serums.

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