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Firm Support Socks

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Firm support socks

To keep your feet comfortable, choose from a variety of firm support socks that can promote circulation. These support socks can also help reduce swelling, so you can continue to wear your favorite shoes comfortably. Choose from casual styles and athletic styles of firm support socks from brands such as Futuro here at

Lengths and colors

Your options when it comes to firm support socks include crew length, knee-high socks and other lengths in between. If you need compression over your whole leg, consider thigh-high firm support hose. Both firm support socks and hose for men and women come in various colors, so you can wear them with your favorite outfits or shoes.

Various compression levels

In addition to firm support socks, you can find other levels of support in compression socks. We carry mild and moderate compression socks in a variety of sizes to meet your needs for fit and support. Some are made with materials that wick away moisture to keep help keep your feet dry throughout the day. Others are extra-soft and offer antibacterial protection especially useful for diabetics.

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