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Flash cards

Flash cards are visual study aids that assist your child in developing their scholastic abilities. There are numerous types of flash cards available, ranging from subjects like the alphabet and word construction to numbers and math problems, so your children have all the help they need to acquire fundamental spelling and math skills.

Types of study cards

There's a variety of flash cards that can help your children master their language and math skills. Language study cards typically begin with basic alphabet flash cards that feature the letters of the alphabet. As your children progress, the flash cards teach them how to spell and form words, often with the aid of images and pictures related to the words. Other flash cards teach basic math skills, beginning with number identification and moving on to simple addition and subtraction. Eventually, math flash cards teach multiplication, division, and other slightly more advanced principles. You can also write or draw on blank index cards to create your own flash cards.

Benefits of flash cards

Study aids like flash cards can be extremely beneficial for your little ones while they are learning new subjects. Flash cards usually have rounded corners that prevent accidental injury and promote faster sorting, so you don't have to worry about your child's safety. These study cards can be used by your child when alone, or you can use them with your child, which makes them versatile study aids. When you participate in flash card activities, it shows your children that you support them, encouraging cooperation and allowing you to be involved in their learning process.