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Flavored Lip Gloss

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Flavored lip gloss

Want your lip color to be in good taste? Flavored lip gloss can give you the shine and shade you desire with a pleasant taste that can make it fun to wear. Try a lip gloss in any number of colors to complement your skin tone, your outfit or the occasion. carries flavored lip gloss and more from brands Wet n Wild, Jordana, Black Radiance and CoverGirl.

Find your favorite shade

In addition to flavored lip gloss, there are many other forms of lip make-up to try, including lip conditioner, lip stain, lipstick, lip butter, lip plumper, or lip balm. From long-lasting lipstick ? which can last for hours ? to creamy matte lipsticks, or those that moisturize, lightly stain, or sparkle, pick your preference from our selection here.

A variety of make-up to choose from

Search our wide selection of cosmetics, including popular brands CoverGirl, Maybelline and Neutrogena, for your favorites. From foundation and makeup compacts, to eyeshadow and cover-up, find make-up that works for your skin tone and type to create your personal style here at

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