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Foot spas

Your feet work hard. Pamper them with foot spas that can help relax, moisturize, and soothe discomfort away. Get set for full-on pampering with buffing pads, pedicure kits and foot creams to condition and soften your weary feet. With foot products ranging from foot scrubs to massagers, comfort and relief are within reach. Walgreens.com has a wide selection of foot spa products from Therall, Gold Bond, Feet First Spa and more.

Complete foot care

Besides foot spas, there are many foot care products at Walgreens.com that can help prevent or alleviate sores and pain. Browse our foot lotions to keep skin soft and smooth, or shoe insoles to comfort tired feet. For problem spots, try a corn and callus remover or antifungal treatments. There is also a variety of diabetic foot care products, such as diabetic foot creams and diabetic socks that can help keep feet healthy.

A home spa experience

We also carry a number of home spa products to help you unwind at home and condition your skin. Whether you'd like to target a specific area for relaxation or try a spa bath accessory to create a calming whirlpool effect, Walgreens.com has just the thing to help you relax and recharge. Try a massage oil product, including aromatherapy oils and skin-conditioning massage lotions. You'll also find essential oils used to soothe, calm, or inspire in candles, soaps, and home fragrances.