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Fragrance Gift Set

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Fragrance gift set

If one of your loved ones has a favorite perfume, cologne or signature scent, a fragrance gift set is a perfect present. These gift sets for men and women offer various products with the same fragrance packaged together. There are also fragrance gift sets that include more than one fragrance so that you can sample other scents from the same brand. Shop for a perfume gift set for that special someone from brands and celebrities such as Halle Berry, Britney Spears or Antonio Banderas.

For a special lady

Fragrance gift sets for women often include a body lotion in addition to perfume. Some also include a bath and shower gel. There are women's perfume gift sets that come with a eau de parfum as well as an eau de toilette, so you can have both a stronger and lighter version of the fragrance.

More for men

Find a cologne gift set for the special man in your life. Men's cologne sets can include aftershave, aftershave balm or shower gel in addition to the fragrance. Using a combination of these products layers your favorite fragrance for a long-lasting effect.

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