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French Manicures

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French manicures

You don't need a salon for great-looking hands. French manicures are a classic, elegant and low-cost way to dress up your nails. Whether you'd like to paint your natural nails or apply fake nails, our variety of colors and lengths gives you plenty to choose from. carries brands like Sally Hansen and Kiss, so creating your own quality French manicures can be fun and easy.

Beautiful nails at home

French manicures give hands a polished, finished look, while fake nails can do the same in just minutes if you prefer not to grow your own nails. You can trim the nails to just the right length for you, or polish them for the perfect match to an outfit. Try stick-on nails for just a day or an event. For a more lasting look, choose from kits that include nail tips and nail glue. Looking for a more eye-catching accessory? offers fake nail tips in many colors and designs, as well as nail kits that allow you to customize your nail art with polish and stencils.

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