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Fruit juice

Quench your thirst with fruit juice. There are a number of flavors and sizes, including single-serve bottles, packets or cans, and larger bottles that will serve the whole family. Kid-friendly packets come with a straw and are easy to carry in a lunch bag. Single-serve bottles can be closed for freshness if you don't finish it all at once. Find a fruit juice from brands such as Arizona, Hawaiian Punch or Tampico here at Walgreens.com.

For purpose or pleasure

You may drink fruit juice because you enjoy a particular flavor or you may choose it for its nutritional benefits. There are fruit drinks that are made with super fruits and those that also include vegetables, both formulated to provide healthy vitamins and minerals. Other fruit juice products for kids include freezer pops and gummy snacks.

More fruit

If you're trying to make sure you get enough fruit in your diet, there are other options in our grocery department. Dried fruit and canned fruit are available for snacking on the go or as an addition to a meal. There are fruit-flavored snacks that are easy to pack in the kids' lunches and real fruit such as raisins and apple sauce for lunch additions, too. If you enjoy the flavor of fruit, you can even find candies and gum that are fruit-flavored for your enjoyment.