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Raisins are the perfect snack food that tastes as good as they are for you. Not only are raisins packaged as a nutritious food on their own, they are featured in many products that help you follow a healthy diet. Raisin brands like Sun-Maid and are all available at Walgreens.com.

Dried fruit as snacks on the go

Raisins are packaged in large dispensers that allow you to take as much as you want and in individual serving size packages that can be eaten on the go or added to a lunchbox for later. Dried fruit is a nutritious substitute for sugary desserts and candies that contain a lot of calories. Raisins are a natural snack that you can feel comfortable indulging in. A handful of raisins gives you your daily recommended dietary allowance of fruit, and eating raisins is often more convenient than peeling or cutting up fresh fruit. Additionally, raisins last longer than fresh fruit, providing the same benefits as fresh fruit without the need to worry about an immediate expiration date.

Raisins as a food additive

Raisins are featured prominently in a variety of food products. Raisin cereals are popular with dieters and people who want to eat healthy. Chocolate-covered raisins provide a touch of chocolate indulgence with a core of healthy fruit. Cookies featuring raisins are a low-fat dessert staple of diet food product lines. You can sprinkle raisins on almost anything to add a bit of sweetness. Raisins are the natural solution for anyone with a sweet tooth.