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Garnier Hair Color

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Garnier hair color

Instead of leaving your hair color up to nature, take control and give yourself a new look with Garnier hair color products. Whether you want to hide gray hairs and return to your original hair color or completely transform your whole look or enhance your natural color with rich, bold highlights, the Garnier line can make your color treatment dreams come true. From luscious reds to bodacious blondes, Garnier has a rainbow of natural-looking hair colors for any style.

Choosing the correct Garnier Shade for you

For permanent hair color, choosing the right shade is essential. Although every at-home color treatment kit promises vibrant color and healthy shine, select a Garner hair color that matches your desired look and natural complexion. Capture the sophistication of brown hair, the glamour of blonde hair or the playfulness of red hair. No matter which shade you try out, each Garnier hair color product boasts even coverage and nourishing ingredients to combat dryness and damage. After you're done, you can keep that color bright and healthy with a color enhancing shampoo and conditioner so your new look can last longer.

At-Home Hair Color

Going to a salon can be expensive or time-consuming, so rely on the Garnier hair color line to give you professional results inexpensively and easily. Each hair dye kit includes everything you need to get started, from conditioners to colorants. Use color creme to give your hair a deep-down conditioning and nourishing moisture at the same as you add color and shine. If you want to try out a Garnier hair color without fully committing to a new shade, try a semi-permanent hair color that will wash out after around 28 shampoos. While you try out your temporary hair color treatment, you can enjoy natural, shiny-looking hair instead of worrying about damage or breakage.

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