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Gillette Disposable Razors

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Gillette disposable razors

Gillette disposable razors provide a close, comfortable shave, so your skin looks and feels smooth from the start of your day until you retire for the evening. Available in models designed specifically for men or women, the Gillette line of disposable shaving products uses advanced technology to make hair removal a breeze.

Disposable shavers for women

Gillette disposable razors for women cater to the special shaving needs of females. Featuring a triple-blade design that catches the hair, pulls it up, and cuts it low to the skin, the Gillette line of women's razors are perfect for shaving legs or other areas of the body that need special attention. Gillette disposable razors feature a pivoting head that makes it easy to shave around your body's contours without nicking your skin. Gillette's shaving products for women are stylish and comfortable to use, so shaving can be a pleasurable part of your beauty routine instead of a chore.

Disposable razors for men

Gillette disposable razors for men offer precision performance coupled with convenience. Three blades deliver a close shave without irritating your skin. Each razor head has a moisturizing strip that helps the blades glide over your skin without causing nicks or cuts. These men's shavers are available with additional moisturizing features that offer a smoother shave for men with sensitive skin, so you can use Gillette disposable razors daily without worrying about unsightly razor burns. Before the blades become dull, all you have to do is pull a new razor out of the pack.

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