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Gillette Proglide

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Gillette ProGlide

Treat your skin to a close shave using the Gillette ProGlide brand of razors and accessories. With the Gillette ProGlide razor, you can shave without fear of annoying nicks and cuts.

Choosing the best Gillette ProGlide razor to fit your needs

With a variety of Gillette ProGlide razors available, choosing the right one for your particular shaving needs is an important task. Each ProGlide razor gives a close shave, but your primary choice will be between the electric razor or standard razor models. The power razor provides a quick and smooth cut using micropulses that reduce friction in order to increase the smoothness of the blade's path over your skin. A manual razor isn't quite as quick of a shave, but the results are just as satisfyingly close.

Official accessories increases shaver effectiveness

For the best results possible, use official shaving materials manufactured by Gillette. Shaving gel from Gillette hydrates your skin during the shaving process to provide you with the smoothest shave possible. Replacement cartridges for your shaver are manufactured by Gillette as well. Just pop out an old cartridge when the blades dull from use, and then pop in a new cartridge to continue to receive the close shave you've become used to from your Gillette ProGlide razor. There are even multi-product packs available that contain everything you need for a comfortable shave, including shaver, gel and lotion.

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