Girls Training Pants

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Girls training pants

Simplify potty training with girls' training pants. Avoid accidents night and day with absorbent training pants that fit like underwear but protect against leaks. Find the appropriate size girl's training pants from Huggies or Pampers for a comfortable fit.

Easy does it

Easing your daughter into potty training with girl's training pants can make the transition smoother. You can find training pants for girls that have her favorite characters on them that disappear when they get wet. Making it to the potty in time so their favorite character won't fade away can be an added incentive for your child.

Rewarding success

You can encourage your toddler with rewards during potty training to help them stay on track. Toys and books can be prizes for continued success. We carry toddler toys, building sets and plush toys as well as arts and crafts, action figures and play sets. You can also make a chart or use the calendar and favorite character stickers to show achievements.