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Glycerin is a product with many uses. It is a gentle laxative as well as a hair and skin moisturizer, and you can order health and beauty products that contain glycerin for shipment right to you. has products containing glycerin from brands like Avalon Organics and Dial.

Skin products containing glycerin

Pure glycerin contains no animal fat or by-products, and it is perfect to use for keeping your skin and hair moist. You can also choose glycerin-enriched liquid skin cleansers and bar soaps for daily hand washing and showering. Glycerin liquid hand washes include organic formulas that are made with peppermint, rosemary, lemon and other ingredients that gently, yet thoroughly, clean and refresh your hands, leaving behind soft skin and a subtle, herbal fragrance. Facial cleansing bars with glycerin are perfect for daily cleansing of all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skin. Isopropyl alcohol with wintergreen and glycerin is recommended for minor burns, cuts and scrapes as well as for an invigorating rubdown or massage after a strenuous workout.

Other glycerin products

Glycerin suppositories are used as laxatives, and they are safe and effective for occasional use as directed on the package label or by your healthcare provider. You can order glycerin suppositories and liquid laxatives for adults and children from the leading national brand of glycerin-based laxatives, or try Walgreens' own money-saving brand of laboratory tested glycerin suppositories. Mouth swabs saturated with a solution of lemon-flavored glycerin are available for the treatment of dry mouth, and they gently and effectively moisten your mouth and tongue for maximum comfort.

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