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Green Crayon Costume

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Green Crayon Costume

When you're dressing up for Halloween, a costume party, a parade or another event, you want to look and feel your best in your ensemble. You also want to stand out by wearing something original and unique. Dressing up as a surprising but common everyday object is one way to make sure that your costume turns heads. Walgreens can help you find an ensemble that is sure to draw attention with a variety of green crayon costumes for the whole family.

The Fun of Dressing as a Crayon

Crayons were invented in 1903 when Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith developed a method of mixing paraffin wax with safe, nontoxic coloring to create color sticks for kids. Millions of crayons have been sold since then, making the colorful objects highly recognizable costumes. Crayola has entered into partnerships with top costume design companies, giving you the ability to purchase crayon costumes that bear their brand name for an authentic, fun look.

What Comes in Crayon Costume Kits?

Crayon costumes typically consist of a tunic that covers the chest and torso while leaving the legs and arms free. The tunic is designed to look like the stick and paper wrapper portion of the crayon. Most sets include a hat that acts as the point at the top of the crayon. You can read the product descriptions to verify what a specific product provides in its costume kit.

Finding Finishing Touches for Your Crayon Costume

If you need additional pieces to complete your green crayon costume, you can find everything at Walgreens. Tights and leggings can be used to cover your legs and keep you warm in your crayon costume. For an added touch of fun, you can purchase green eye shadow to carry the color of your costume through to your face and make you resemble a crayon even more.

Options for All Ages, Shapes and Sizes

Green crayon costumes are popular options for adults and kids alike, so you can find options in many different sizes. Different costumes are offered for toddlers, small kids and older children. Adult green crayon costumes are designed to be worn by both men and women, and there are even options available for pets.

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