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Use indoor or outdoor grills to add flavor to your chicken, fish, burgers, steaks and vegetables. Grilling outdoors is a great way to enjoy the weather while entertaining friends and family. offers plenty of accessories to make your indoor or outdoor grilling experience a success.

Indoor grilling

Get the flavor of outdoor grilling in any weather by using a convenient indoor grill. George Foreman grills are small appliances that you can use to grill nearly any kind of meat or vegetable. These grills have top and bottom grill plates, so they cook your food more quickly than outdoor grills. If healthy eating if your priority, an indoor grill may be an excellent option, since the grill doesn't require any oil, and the appliance is slanted to allow fat from the meat to drip off onto the included drip tray. When shopping for indoor grills, choose one that is the right size for your family; some grilling machines cook two servings, while others cook for a larger group. Grills with removable grill plates are easy to wash and can be put into the dishwasher.

Grill accessories

You can even have a small, outdoor tabletop grill shipped directly to your home. If you're grilling outside, you'll need to stock up on charcoal and lighter fluid. Another option for indoor grilling is a stovetop grill, which turns your stove to a large grill. Finally, make clean-up easier with indoor grill cleaning sponges that are designed specifically to clean in between the grates of your grill.

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