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Hair Colors

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Hair Colors

Hair colors are a way to get a new look quickly. Whether you are trying to cover up grey hair or just want to change your hair color, there is a hair color product available to suit your needs. Choose from a wide range of hair colors in both permanent and temporary varieties at

Hair colors for women

There are several hair colors available for women. When you are choosing a hair dye, you can choose from a permanent color, a semi-permanent color or a color wash. The difference between these options is how long the color lasts. A permanent color remains in your hair until the dyed portion grows out. Semi-permanent hair color lasts through a certain number of washes, which is specified on the box. A color wash usually comes out after one wash, but may remain noticeable for two or more washes. Permanent hair color is ideal for women who want lasting color. Semi-permanent is ideal for women who need color that will last for a short time. A color wash is ideal for one-night events.

Hair colors for men

Hair colors for men are made for either the head or for facial hair. The main purpose of these hair dyes is to cover up grey hair. Some men do opt to use hair colors to change the look of the hair or to enhance the natural color. Beard color is ideal for men who are starting to grey on the beard or mustache. These are often in a package with a small comb or brush to make applying the dye simple.

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