Hair Masques

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Hair masques

Hair masques can be used to rectify just about any type of problem you have with your hair. Whether your hair is dry, damaged or even breaking off, you can find the right masque to restore your hair. carries hair masques from brands like Shea Moisture, L'Oreal and Matrix.

Moisturizing hair masques

Hair masques that add moisture to your hair are one of the most popular varieties. These moisturizing masques typically contain ingredients like shea butter, which is known to add a significant amount of moisture and nutrients to the hair. You will also find deep treatment masques that have a blend of moisture and protein to ensure you have a balance.

Purifying hair masques

Hair masques that detoxify your hair and scalp are typically referred to as purifying hair masques. These types of hair products also condition and soothe your hair and scalp, which promote healthy hair grown in return. If you have an itchy and irritated scalp, this particular masque is beneficial since ingredients are used to alleviate these conditions. Some of the ingredients you can typically expect to find in purifying masques include plantain enzymes, tea tree oil and willow bark extract.

Strengthening hair masques

When you need to add strength to your hair, consider one of the hair masques that contain protein ingredients. These strengthening masques work by repairing the inner hair cuticle, so that your entire hair strand is stronger. These hair-strengthening products typically have other ingredients that add shine and moisture to the hair as well.