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Hair Vitamins

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Hair Vitamins at Walgreens

Nourish and fortify lackluster hair from the inside by supplementing your diet with hair vitamins. Improve the appearance of thinning or breakage-prone hair with hair renewal vitamins from Viviscal, Shen Min and RejuviCare that contain essential nutrients, such as biotin, zinc, folic acid and pantothenic acid, which all promote the growth of thicker, fuller hair. Brittle, undernourished hair benefits from hair repair supplements that contain miliacin, soy protein and choline. Supplements from Nature's Bounty and New Nordic contain these ingredients.

Grow Healthy, Strong Hair

A daily multi-nutrient complex specifically formulated for hair, such as Natrol dietary supplement capsules, provides all of the vitamins and minerals that serve as the building blocks for strong, healthy-looking hair. Vitamin E improves scalp circulation and oxygen uptake, while Vitamin A boosts sebum production, leading to glossier strands. Enhance your multi-nutrient complex with Vitamin C supplements from Nature Made or Nature's Bounty to promote the absorption of iron and to reduce your risk of anemia, which is one of the leading causes of hair loss. Shop our full selection of beauty supplements for hair and scalp online or in a nearby Walgreens store.

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