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Hair Wax

Remove unwanted hair from all over your body easily with hair wax. Using hair wax kits from leading suppliers, such as Sally Hansen, Nair, Andrea Naturals, Nads and Veet, you can remove body hair from your face, legs, bikini line, underarms, and arms with ease. Select body hair wax removal kits in a variety of styles, including roll-on, Brazilian waxing kits, cold wax and waxing strips.

Selecting hair wax

By removing body hair with wax products, your unwanted hair is easily removed and grows back more slowly and less noticeably. As with hair styling products, selecting the right type of wax for a specific body part is important to ensure both that the wax is strong enough to remove the intended hair and that your skin is left feeling great. Hair removal products vary in their effectiveness, but most leave your waxed skin smooth for anywhere between four and eight weeks.