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Halls Cough Drops

Rely on sore throat relief that you can trust with Halls cough drops. Pick the traditional menthol flavor, or try strawberry, cherry or soothing honey-lemon. If you need to avoid sugar in your diet, then there are Sugar Free Halls Cough Drops as well that meet your dietary needs without sacrificing flavor or effectiveness. Vitamin C Halls cough crops are a great option to soothe your throat and boost your immune system at the same time.

Not just for cold and flu

While Halls cough drops are usually associated with sickness, they are also a great option to soothe daily throat irritation. Halls Breezers taste little like a traditional cough drop and are non-mentholated. They provide sore throat relief for everyday irritations, such as allergies, over-using your voice, and acid reflux. Carry a few in your pocket or a bag in your purse to have relief for your sore throat handy all the time.