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Healing Creams

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Healing creams

If you have dry, irritated skin, healing creams can help. There are therapeutic lotions for specific areas of your body including hands and feet. There are also healing creams for general purpose use. Identify your symptoms first to find the skin cream that will be most effective at providing relief. Brands such as Gold Bond and Cortizone-10 offer healing lotions to help you feel better faster.

Healing skin treatments

If itching is part of the irritation you're experiencing, skin treatments with hydrocortisone might be the answer. If you have diabetes, there are specific diabetic foot creams to help soothe, warm and promote circulation. Intensive healing skin creams can relieve itching and pain caused by burns, cuts or rashes.

Special skin treatments

If your skin irritations aren't resolved with a healing cream you may need to see your doctor to determine if you have eczema, psoriasis or another skin ailment. There are several over-the-counter lotions for treatment of mild psoriasis and eczema. Available skin remedies range from face lotions to scalp and dandruff solutions.

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