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Home Dna Paternity Testing Kit

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Home DNA Paternity Testing Kit

If you believe you may have fathered a child or you are the mother of a child and want to reassure the father of his role in your little one's life, a paternity test can provide you with the answers that you need. With the latest advances in genetic science, it's no longer necessary to visit a doctor to undergo DNA paternity testing. A DNA paternity testing kit from Walgreens can allow you to perform the test at home and get the results in a timely manner.

What Is a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is a medical test that determines the likelihood that a man is the father of a particular child. The test involves taking a sample of DNA from the potential father and the child. Because the father of a child contributes his DNA to his child, the test looks for matches in genes between the two. Some tests can also test the mother's DNA, which can improve the chances of obtaining a definitive DNA paternity test result.

How Does a Paternity Test Work?

Home paternity tests allow you to collect the samples for analysis at home. This is typically done through the use of a swab that is rubbed along the inside of the mouth in the cheek area. A sample must be taken from the potential father and the child. If you purchase a kit that tests the mother's DNA, there will be a third swab provided for her. Once the test is completed, it must be mailed to a laboratory facility for analysis. The results are then typically posted online with a secure website within a few days of when the samples are received by the laboratory.

Understanding the Prices and Fees

When you buy a home DNA paternity test, you'll pay an initial purchase price. This is the cost of the kit itself. Most tests have an additional laboratory fee that must be paid directly to the lab that will receive the DNA sample swabs. Some labs charge a single fee for all results. Others offer two services with different prices: a home test and a legal test. For many people, the home test will be adequate. However, if you are planning to use the results as a part of a court case for child support or custody, you will likely need to choose the legal option. Your attorney can provide you with additional information about the legality of home paternity tests. The kit will include instructions on how to pay the lab fee. In most cases, the kits will not be processed by the labs until the fees are received.

Ensuring Accuracy with Home Paternity Testing

Upon receiving your paternity test, it is a good idea to carefully review all of the included instructions and information before use. Even though testing is simple, any mistakes that are made during collection or while packaging the swabs could interfere with the results. Shop our entire selection of Gender, DNA and parental tests online or at your nearest Walgreens store.

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