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Homedics Blood Pressure Monitors

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Homedics Blood Pressure Monitors

Homedics blood pressure monitors can help you to keep track of your blood pressure at home. Designed to be safe and easy to use at home, Homedics blood pressure monitors clearly display both systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements as well as the pulse. Homedics offers both upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors so you can choose the style that you find most comfortable to use.

Choosing a Homedics Blood Pressure Monitor

To monitor your blood pressure at home, you first need to choose a monitor with the correct cuff size for your arm. Some Homedics blood pressure monitors come with a standard cuff and an extra-large cuff to accommodate the majority of adults.

How to Use Homedics Blood Pressure Monitors

Place the cuff on either the wrist or upper arm, depending on the type of monitor you are using. Touch the button to start the measurement. Homedics blood pressure monitors use SmartMeasure Technology. It automatically inflates the cuff to the right pressure for each individual. This technology helps to achieve an accurate reading which is then shown on the digital display.

Tracking Your Blood Pressure

Homedics blood pressure monitors can store your blood pressure readings in order to track trends over time. Most monitors have enough memory capacity to store up to 120 total readings for two users. Each measurement is stored with a date and time stamp. This makes it easier to monitor fluctuations and long-term trends. Some devices from Homedics have a memory averaging feature. This automatically averages the last three blood pressure readings taken. Blood pressure can sometimes undergo short-term variations due to physical exertion so looking at an average reading can sometimes give a clearer picture of a person's actual blood pressure.

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors

Some Homedics blood pressure monitors are equipped with Bluetooth. This allows you to transfer the data gathered by the monitor to a smartphone or tablet. A free app is available for owners of these monitors to download.

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