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Hugo Boss cologne

Smell as good as you look by wearing a Hugo Boss cologne. Choose a fragrance that fits your personality or the season. Sometimes fragrances can even enhance your mood. Look at the fragrance notes to decide which Hugo Boss cologne is for you.

For men and women

There are Hugo Boss colognes for men and women. Men's cologne sprays are available in various sizes, and certain scents come in slick, modern-looking decanters. Women's perfumes are available in a range of fragrances including floral, spice and musk, as well as in blends of these scents. Some Hugo Boss perfumes come in body lotion form so you can layer your favorite fragrance.

Applying your signature scent

Take care when you are applying your favorite Hugo Boss fragrance that you don't overdo it. Spray it on and let it sit on your skin without rubbing it in. If you apply your favorite cologne to areas of your body that get warm, the scent can emanate for hours.