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Hugo Boss fragrances

Find a scent for casual times and one for special occasions from the selection of Hugo Boss fragrances. Hugo Boss colognes for men and perfumes for women come in a variety of scents, so you can find a light fragrance for daily wear and one with stronger notes for going out. Choose between floral, fruity and spicy Hugo Boss fragrances for women or musk, woods and citrus scents for men.

Finding your favorite

When you're shopping for a Hugo Boss fragrance, you can look for the notes used in the fragrance to help you narrow down the cologne or perfumes you will like. You can also wear more than one scent if you find Hugo Boss perfumes that blend well together.

For men and women

Hugo Boss perfumes are sprays for light application. Remember to spray a few inches away from your skin and avoid spraying on your clothes. When you apply fragrance to areas of your body that get warm, the heat can help re-energize the scent throughout the day or evening.