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Hugo Boss Perfumes

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Hugo Boss perfumes

Find your new fragrance among the Hugo Boss perfumes here at Available in women's and men's fragrances, Hugo Boss cologne sprays come in a variety of scents. Choose a fragrance that works for casual settings and one for special occasions. You can also select your fragrance to typify nature at any given time by wearing floral scents in spring or a woodier fragrance in autumn.

Application counts

When you are applying a Hugo Boss men's cologne, remember that less is more. When you spray your men's cologne on your skin, spray it from a couple of inches away and let it sit on your skin. It's best to spray cologne on areas of your body that generate heat so that the fragrance will emanate throughout the day or evening.

Try more than one

Hugo Boss perfumes for women are available in scents with citrus, floral, spice and musk nuances. You can stick to one fragrance or use two complimentary scents on different areas of your body. Try spraying one women's perfume on the neck and shoulder and a different scent on the lower legs. If the fragrances complement one another, you can achieve your own unique scent.

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