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Ice Bags

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Ice Bags

Ice bags are used to cool sore muscles and reduce swelling. At Walgreens, we offer a full line of ice bags in all shapes and sizes for minor aches and pains. Doctors often recommend cold therapy for sprained ankles and other minor injuries. You may have heard the acronym RICE - rest, ice, compression and elevation, the four pillars of addressing a sprain or overuse injury. Ice bags are especially effective for reducing swelling and easing pain and discomfort. You have lots of choices when it comes to choosing an ice bag. Be sure to ask your doctor or health care provider if ice therapy is appropriate for your injury.

How Do Ice Bags Work?

Gone are the days when you had to wrap ice cubes in a washcloth and use it as an ice pack. These days you can choose from a variety of ice bags that are easier to use. These bags are specially molded to conform to the contours of your body and deliver cold to an injured body part. Made of leak-proof material, they're ready to be filled with ice cubes or cold water. Ice bags come in several sizes, including small, medium and large. Ice bags made with latex-free material are available if you or someone in your family has a latex allergy. Read the description carefully to ensure a product is free of latex.

Ice Bags with Wraps

For added convenience, look for ice bags that come with an attached wrap. Once in place, the attached wrap and fastener secure the bag so it doesn't move or shift. Ice bags with wraps give you the flexibility of moving around with the bag safely attached.

Always follow the directions when using an ice bag. If pain or swelling persists or you have problems bearing weight on a limb, see your doctor.

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