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Iced teas

Quench your thirst with iced teas in various flavors. You can find iced tea in bottles, cans and gallon-sized containers. There are also iced tea mixes that you can add to bottled water or make at home. Brands such as Arizona, Arnold Palmer, Diet Snapple and Lipton offer iced tea in various sizes, forms and flavors.

Refreshing flavors

There are a wide range of ice tea flavors to choose from. Try lemon, peach or raspberry for a fruity, sweet taste. There are also half iced tea and half lemonade combinations. Find the form of ice tea drink mixes most convenient for making in large quantities for the whole family or for taking with you on the go.

Assorted beverages

Here at Walgreens.com, we carry a wide assortment of beverages to satisfy your thirst. For a lift in the morning, try coffee or hot tea. There's also milk, juice drinks and instant breakfast drinks to start your day. For hydration throughout the day, there's bottled water and soda. Sports drinks can help you recharge with their blend of vitamins and nutrients.