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If you're looking for a cool and refreshing drink, try a nice, cold glass of lemonade to quench your thirst. Lemonade is an ideal drink when you are relaxing in the shade on a hot summer day. Made out of the juice of lemons and sweetened with sugar, it has a unique flavor that tastes great. Well-known brands like Snapple and Kool-Aid lemonades are available at

Lemonade drinks

Buy single-serving bottled lemonade to carry along when you are on the go. These bottled drinks are perfect for carrying in a lunch bag to enjoy in the middle of the day or placing in a cooler for a picnic. If you want to serve lemonade to your family, purchase a larger carton or bottle. If you are looking for a twist on a traditional favorite, try pink lemonade for a special treat. You might also like bottled drinks that contain a mixture of iced tea and lemonade. All-natural lemonade that does not contain artificial flavors or colors can also be purchased.

Lemonade drink mixes

Powdered drink mixes can be carried in your purse or pocket and mixed with bottled water to make a tasty drink that satisfies your thirst while you are on the go. Lemonade drink mixes can be purchased in packages that contain six or more packets of drink mixes. If you are a diabetic or you are trying to limit your sugar intake, you can buy diet drink mixes that contain artificial sweeteners rather than sugar.

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