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Iodine has been a dependable staple found in first aid kits for generations. Once cuts and scrapes have been cleaned, an iodine solution is applied to kill bacteria, fungi, yeast and even viruses. has a variety of iodine products to suit your needs.

Topical iodine

Iodine is often preferred over rubbing alcohol, which stings significantly upon application, and hydrogen peroxide, which can damage healthy tissue as it destroys infections. Iodine is available in many different strengths and forms, although all have broad spectrum antimicrobial properties and possess a recognizable red-orange hue. Iodine comes in packages of individual swabs that are easy to apply, and using them reduces the risk of staining unintended areas.

Choosing your iodine product

You can also purchase iodine pads. Like the iodine swabs, these can be carried in your purse or backpack, but they cover a larger area and can be laid over the affected area. If you prefer to measure out the amount you need when you need it, you will most likely want to go with the bottles of topical solution. It is important to know the difference between iodine tinctures and the povidone iodine solutions. The tinctures cost considerably less, but are much less stable than the povidone formulations, which provide the same strength of iodine consistently over time.

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