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Kids toothbrushes

Give your kids an incentive to brush with fun kids' toothbrushes. You can find both manual and power toothbrushes for children here at Walgreens.com. Browse our selection of kids toothbrushes to find one that features your childs favorite character. Toothbrushes for kids are available from brands such as Arm & Hammer and Colgate.

Make brushing easy and fun

Most power and manual kids toothbrushes have soft bristles for gentle brushing. If you choose a power kids toothbrush, look for one that's battery operated so you won't have to worry about charging. There are even power toothbrushes that come with a fun holder.

More dental care

You can shop for the rest of your oral care needs here, too. Find toothpaste and floss for the whole family. There are dental picks and brushes for daily cleaning. A water flosser can help remove food between your teeth. We also carry dental night guard, mouth rinses and breath fresheners.