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Kids Toothpaste

Good tooth brushing habits are taught at an early age, so it's important to get kids off to the right start. You can help your child become a great brusher - even an enthusiastic one - by making it a time of fun, as well as part of their regular routine. Just as kids' teeth are different than those of adults, their toothpastes are, too. Unlike adult toothpastes, which have high levels of fluoride, kids' toothpastes have much less and some brands have none at all. This is because most small children have difficulty thoroughly spitting out the foam when brushing and often swallow some. Ingesting high levels of fluoride can be harmful, so until a child learns how to thoroughly rinse and spit, kids' toothpastes are safer for their use. They're also a lot of fun, with bright colors on the tube and great flavors in the toothpaste. Your child will enjoy brushing with his or her favorite character or most kid-pleasing flavor, and you'll be happy that your child is learning great tooth brushing habits.

Designed for Kids

The fun flavors of kids' toothpastes have a serious purpose, too. Most adult toothpastes have a mint, cinnamon or other flavoring that is simply too intense for a child's palate. By offering a fruit or bubblegum flavored toothpaste for your child, you make it a pleasurable experience - a fun taste instead of something that is too strong or tastes like medicine. Instead, by using flavors they already know and love, tooth brushing time is something to look forward to. Many brands of kids' toothpaste also come in child-friendly tubes: easy to grasp, open and close, and easy for them to squeeze for those I-can-do-it-myself moments (you might want to help them a little bit anyway, since they only need a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the brush for a good brushing). Whether you choose paste, gel or even squirting foam, these kids' toothpastes are formulated to protect young teeth from cavities. With their fun characters and flavors, your child will make a bee-line for the toothbrush and toothpaste after meals. Help them learn good oral care habits early in life, and they will last throughout adulthood too.