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Kiss Nails

Get an instant manicure or pedicure in every box of Kiss Nails. In addition to artificial nails in several sizes and lengths, Kiss also offers several products that help you express your personal style. You can find Kiss Toenails in glue-on and pre-glued styles, including full cover toenails that you can polish in your favorite color. You can create your own unique, personalized look with Kiss Nail Art, which includes stickers, pens and colorful nail polishes.

Enhancing your fingernails and toenails

Thanks to the latest glue-on and press-on nails from Kiss, you can have the look of an expensive custom manicure without worrying about chipping your polish or breaking a nail. You can strengthen your nails and improve their look by engaging in a nail care regimen that includes cleaning and moisturizing the surface of your nails, taking vitamin supplements and keeping the tips of your nails trimmed and filed. Kiss Nails can give you the long nails you want right now, without waiting weeks for your nails to grow.