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Lancome Fragrances

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Lancome fragrances

Purchasing a loved one their favorite Lancome fragrance is an easy gift-giving solution. There are several Lancome perfumes to choose from and some come in more than one size. You can also gift yourself with your preferred Lancome fragrances. Browse our selection of women's fragrances for a floral-based Lancome perfume spray for daytime or casual wear, or a spicy fragrance for evening or special occasions.

One for you, one for me

While most Lancome fragrances are for women, there are a few Lancome colognes for men. Find a Lancome men's cologne that correlates with your Lancome perfume to coordinate your fragrance with your spouse's. Select a Lancome perfume with fragrance notes that appeal to both of you.

Application tips

When you apply a perfume, make sure you hold it a few inches from your skin so that you don't overdo it. You also want to avoid spraying a cologne or perfume on your clothes. You can layer more than one scent by applying one on your neck or shoulders and a complimentary fragrance on your legs. If you apply perfume to warmer areas of your body, the scent will emanate throughout the day.

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