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Lancome Perfumes

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Lancome perfumes

Find a new fragrance among the Lancome perfumes here at Most Lancome fragrances are for women, but there are a few colognes for men as well. Find the fragrance notes that appeal to your senses for a scent that you can wear day or night. Some Lancome perfume sprays come in more than one size, so you can have one for home and one to take with you on trips or to the gym.

Flirty or fun

You can choose a flirty or fun Lancome perfume based on the occasion or your personality. Decide whether you prefer more floral-based scents or those with a bit of spice to them. If you and your spouse want to wear coordinating scents, there are some Lancome perfumes that have a correlating men's cologne.

Easy gift giving

Buying a friend or loved one their favorite fragrance is an easy gift giving solution. If you don't know what their favorite scent is, you can look to other beauty products they use for hints. If you know what scents they look for in their body wash, lotions or home fragrances such as candles, you'll have an idea of the fragrances that appeal to them.

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