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Lavender oils

Well known for their soothing and calming qualities, lavender oils can be found in a number of household and beauty products. Whether you're looking for the pure essential oil or a home fragrance product scented with lavender, you're in the right place. Bubble bath, salts & oils containing this relaxing scent can help transform your bathroom into a restful, restorative home spa. You can also find the lavender scent in lotions and soaps to keep that peaceful feeling throughout the week. For a subtle scent anywhere in the home, you can use an air freshener fragranced with lavender oils.

Fragrance oils

Commonly used in perfumes, air fresheners and candles, fragrance oils are popular for their powerful scents. Shop Walgreens.com to find your favorite aroma in products from brands Glade, AirWick, Aveeno and others.

Other options for aromatherapy

Many aromatherapy products take advantage of essential oils such as lavender oil to help create certain moods. aromatherapy oils are used to soothe, calm, or inspire in soaps, perfumes, and cosmetics. You can even find essential oils used in some household cleaning products for more pleasant scents than traditional cleaners.