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Liberator products include many items that can help with your sex life. From pillow wedges to storage areas, the Liberator line has something for everyone's needs. Liberator's products use discrete styling so they can fit any decor.

Liberator decor stashe

The Liberator decor stashe pillow is one of the products in the line that can improve your sex life. Instead of having to stop what you're doing to find condoms, sex toys, or vibrators out of a dresser drawer or other location, this storage pillow allows you to hide all of your sexual items in one place that is convenient to reach. The pillow is created in a charming look that disguises its purpose, so guests and family members won't realize what it's used for. The interior is large, so you can store many of your items without needing more space.

Liberator wedges

Liberator wedges are perfect for couples who want to take sex on at a different angle. The pillow wedges are available in different sizes and shapes, so it is easy to get into the position that you want. Microfiber skins cover the wedge, making it comfortable and soft. Liberator provides a position guide and nylon bag for the wedges, so you can learn to use them well and can always store them away when you need to. The wedges come in a variety of colors to suit your personal style, including blue, black, leopard, and red, just to name a few. The skin zips off the wedge if it needs cleaning.

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