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Lice sprays

Lice sprays help to not only stop lice infestation but they can prevent your child from catching lice as well. There are effective lice sprays on the market which can kill lice detected on your child's head, on your pet's skin and in your home. There are several lice sprays and shampoos that can help you eliminate infestations in a short time all available at Walgreens.com.

Leave-in head lice spray

Prevention is by far the best way to fight hair lice. Your child is vulnerable to exposure when they attend school, camp or other kid-friendly activities where there is a better chance for infestation. The best defense is to apply a leave-in spray to your child's head to prevent the spread of lice. Gentle and effective, the leave-in head spray may be applied on a daily basis. Stopping the problem before it starts will shield your child and keep them safe.

Fighting lice infestations at home

If you are treating your child with a lice treatment, you may want to seriously consider spraying your home with a home lice spray. There is a possibility that lice are present in bedding and other cloth household items. If your child has head lice, always treat your home with a home lice spray until lice are no longer detected. Pets are not safe either. If they are scratching, look for redness of skin. Apply a pet lice spray after cleaning your pet with a mild shampoo. If the infestation is severe and lice are still present after 24 hours of applying the pet lice spray, seek help from a veterinarian.