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Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of the many offerings from the Lindt selection of fine chocolates and truffles. The Lindt selection of chocolates is sure to delight anyone who loves chocolate. Choose one of the Lindt Excellence chocolate bars for a quick snack on the go that will satisfy your chocolate craving. These bars are available in milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and extra dark chocolate. The bars are infused with flavors such as roasted almonds, oranges, and hazelnuts. If you are craving something more than the traditional sweet treat, try one of the Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt dark chocolate bars for a sweet and salty snack. The Lindt Excellence Chili bar combines rich, dark chocolate with the spice of a red chili pepper for a unique taste.

Lindt truffles

Lindt Lindor truffles are also available in milk, white, dark, and extra dark chocolate. Enjoy truffles with rich and creamy centers flavored with hazelnut or coconut. The truffles are available as individually wrapped treats in bags that are ideal for grabbing a quick treat while you are on the go. Lindt chocolates are also available in boxes suitable for gift giving. These chocolate gift boxes are available in assorted flavors, including the Lindt Swiss Luxury assortment. The Lindt Petits Desserts box of chocolates is ideal for serving sweet treats after dinner. These treats contain flavors like creme brulee, brownies, lemon tart, and meringue.