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Lip Treatments

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Lip treatments

Whether you're looking for eye-catching, youthful or simply smooth lips, you can choose from our assortment of lip treatments for help. Anti-aging lip treatments target fine lines on and around the lips. Other lip treatments deliver deep hydration that can keep lips soft and smooth. Choose from lip balms, moisturizers and gloss from Sally Hansen, Neosporin and Olay here at

Caring for your lips

Make your lips stand out, whether you use a lip treatment as a base for other lip makeup or choose a conditioning lip gloss that has color and sheen. For intensive repair of fine lines or dry lips, try an overnight lip treatment. Protective lip repair and lip balm can protect your pucker from both cold winds and searing sun. There are also lip plumpers that can help add volume or definition.

Lip makeup and more

In addition to lip treatments, you'll find other types of beauty treatments that can help you feel comfortable and confident. Acne treatments can help clear your skin of blemishes and prevent future breakouts. You can correct uneven skin tone with your choice of fade cream. There are also plenty of hair treatments for various hair types and textures, as well as rejuvenating lotions for the entire face.

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