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Liquid Hand Soap

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Liquid hand soap

Using liquid hand soap is a convenient and mess-free way to ensure that you and your family's hands stay clean and germ-free. There are many types of liquid hand soap, allowing you to choose the soap that's best for you and your budget.

Antibacterial liquid hand soaps and gels

One of the most popular types of liquid hand soaps are antibacterial soaps. This type of soap kills many of the germs that cause some of the most common household illnesses. The germ-killing power of antibacterial hand wash can also be found in no-rinse antibacterial hand soaps. In addition to being packaged in single-use bottles, some brands of liquid hand soap are also available as soap refills so that you can top off your soap dispensers any time you want.

Softer on hands

There are many types of liquid hand soap available that provide conditioning for your hands as well as cleaning power. Among these options are lotion soaps, which moisturize your skin, and soaps with aloe, which harness the power of the aloe plant to help heal cracked and otherwise damaged skin. There are several brands of organic soap available as well. These all-natural soaps can be easier on your skin as well as being good for the environment.

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