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Littmann Stethoscopes

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Littmann stethoscopes

With a number of choices for general purpose and by specialty, Littmann stethoscopes offer acoustical quality as well as innovative design and technology. Littmann's tunable technology offers convenience and flexibility by combining both the bell and diaphragm into a single side of the chestpiece. You can hear both high and low frequencies from one side instead of having to flip the chestpiece. These stethoscopes are available with different features in several models here at Choose between the Littmann Classic II S.E., Littman Master Classic II, Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Littmann Master Cardiology, Littmann Cardiology III, Littmann Cardiology STC, Littmann Classic II Pediatric and the Littmann 3200 and 3100 Electronic Series.

The Classic Series

The Littmann Classic Series of stethoscopes all have tunable diaphragms so you can hear both low and high frequencies from the same side of the chestpiece. They also have single-lumen tubing, non-chill rims and patented soft-sealing ear tips. The Littmann Classic II S.E. and Littmann Classic II Pediatric are also latex-free. The Littmann Classic Series, including Littman Master Classic II, are available in a range of colors.

Littmann cardiology stethoscopes

There are three cardiology stethoscopes from Littmann available here that share some features. The Littmann Master Cardiology and Littmann Cardiology STC stethoscopes both have the tunable diaphragm, an anatomically correct headset, two-tubes-in-one design to help eliminate tube rubbing noise and soft-sealing eartips. The Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope has all of these features, but differs by having two tunable diaphragms on each side of the chestpiece. The larger side of the chestpiece is for adult patients and the small side is for pediatric or thin patients. All three Littmann cardiac stethoscopes come in various colors.

Littmann electronic stethoscopes

The Littmann 3100 Electronic Series stethoscopes can reduce background noise by an average of 85 percent and amplify sounds up to 24 times. These digital stethoscopes have backlit LCD displays for easy reading that will tell you, among other things, when the battery is low. Built for comfort and durability, the Littmann 3100 stethoscopes weigh about the same as other cardiology-grade acoustic stethoscopes and include the soft-sealing eartips.

While the Littmann 3100 and 3200 series of electronic stethoscopes have some features in common, the Littmann 3200 Electronic Series stethoscopes have advanced, powerful capabilities for precision, accuracy and simplicity. These lightweight stethoscopes allow you to record a sound for later playback, and include Bluetooth technology so you can transmit sounds almost instantly to your PC that can be attached to medical records for further analysis and review. Littmann 3200 stethoscopes include free software that shows a visual representation of what you are hearing and are compatible with an available heart murmur detection software.

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