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Monitor your patients with a stethoscope that fits your need in patient care. There are cardiology and pediatric stethoscopes, dual head stethoscopes and stethoscopes that are lightweight. Once you've determined the type of medical stethoscope you want, you can choose the features, material and color you prefer. Find professional stethoscopes from brands such as Veridian Healthcare, Littmann and Mabis Healthcare here at

Features first

If you're looking for cardiology stethoscopes, your options include stethoscopes with tunable diaphragms, stainless steel chestpieces and single- or dual-sided chestpieces. Sprague Rappaport stethoscopes can include multiple chestpieces and tubing that blocks external noise. There are also electronic stethoscopes that can provide sound amplification and have various levels of noise reduction abilities.

More medical monitoring devices

If you have a need for other medical monitoring devices, shop our home medical supplies and equipment department. We carry sphygmomanometers, oximeters and digital blood pressure monitors to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. You can also find thermometers for simple temperature measurement and mediscopes to check the ear, nose and throat. Defibrillators are available for home use as well.

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